How To Use:

In Order For Your Advertisement To Be Placed On The Site, It Must Meet The Following Criteria:

A)       A Minimum Of Nine (9) High Resolution Pictures Would Need To Be Uploaded Showing:
1.       Exterior (Front);
2.       Exterior (Left Side);
3.       Exterior (Right Side);
4.       Exterior (Rear);
5.       Interior (Dash Console);
6.       Interior (Front Seats);
7.       Interior (Rear Seats);
8.       Interior (Instrument Cluster Showing Mileage); And
9.       Engine Bay

B)      The Vehicle Information Questionnaire Must Be Adequately Completed And Signed By The Seller;

C)       Adequate Contact Details Must Be Provided By The Seller (I.E Email Address And Mobile Number – These Will Be Verified By Our Team Prior To Go Live); And

D)      Confirmation That The Person Advertising The Vehicle For Sell Has The Legal Right To Sell I.E (Copy Of White Book In Their Name Or Corresponding Letter Of Sell To Them – These Are Not Displayed On Website For Public Viewing).

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